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What You Wear

Continually wearing the wrong items, such as a heavy backpack or bag on one shoulder, can cause injury to your health. You probably wouldn’t connect getting ill with what you wear, but perhaps you should. When it comes to being healthy, you probably don’t...


Organic produce that is fresh and local reduces your risk of cancer and other diseases related to toxins used in the agricultural industry. One easy change to make as you improve your eating habits is to buy organic food. It is important to purchase organic produce...


Home exercise equipment can be a huge benefit when it comes to a crowded schedule that leaves little room for fitness. In today’s busy world, finding time to exercise can be a real challenge. Home exercise equipment can be a huge benefit when it comes to a...

At Work

It is critical to evaluate the proper set up of your work environment because it is often the cause of most stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel in your wrist. Because many people spend almost half of all of their waking hours sitting at a desk, it is important that...

At Home

Restoring the natural curves of your spine helps to maintain proper nutrition to your discs, which improves posture and range of motion. Depending on your age and the condition of your spine, your wellness doctor may recommend you use tools to help reduce spinal...
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